computer no longer boots after scsi adapter installation !

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I purchased a used scsi adapter - Adaptec AHA 2940AU. It's a PCI bootable (with a bios) adapter. When installed on the motherboard, the computer refuses to boot. Booting stops at the scsi BIOS screen "Adaptec BIOS version 1.34" etc... I'm NOT trying to boot from the scsi adapter himself ; I just want to boot my IDE HD in Windows and install the driver.
Apparently there is a conflict between the adapter's and the motherboard's BIOS. I tried the adapter on another machine and it boots normally.
I already tried :
-to let the adapter alone with no cable plugged in it. No boot.
-to unplug the IDE HD. No boot.
-to set "scsi" as the first boot device in the BIOS. No boot.
-to set the "primary master" at "none" and unplug it. No boot.
-to update the motherboard BIOS (there is no new BIOS release for the adapter and the model is discontinued). Same result.
I'm not entitled to adaptec's technical support ; I visited their web site and the problem is described in the FAQs. The only solution they suggest is to update the (motherboard's) BIOS. I did that but the problem is still the same.
Description of my machine :
AMD Duron 650 Mhz
MSI 6330
128 Mb
Maxtor 34 Gb
another scsi adapter with no BIOS
Tnt2 Ultra 32 Mb
DVD Hitachi GD7000
Yamaha 8/8/24 (scsi)
scanner Epson 1200 scsi
Iomega ZIP-100 internal scsi
I would appreciate any report of comparable issues even if you don't provide a solution.

Please help

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Thank you
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