Installed on device, purchased licence, then it got uninstalled somehow and now refers to device as another name

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I've had this weird issue.

I installed Funamo on a kid's device. Went through all the setup and purchased a licence.

The app then somehow got uninstalled from the kid's device (the day after), even though was funamo was switched on. I can't understand how that happened.

Anyway, I then re-installed the app on the kid's device but had to go through all the setup again. Now two devices show up in my funamo online account for the same kid's device and I'm worried it has put me on trial mode for the second instance of the device even though I've already purchased a licence.

I can't see any info regarding this in my online account, and with no direct means of contacting support, I've no idea what to do. Suggestions anyone?

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Every time you setup Funamo, it will create a new device record online. A device record is needed to sync settings and device history between the device and our server. You can remove the OLD (NOT new) device record on your online dashboard by click Manage Devices on the left hand side.

You can double check by going to Funamo main page in Funamo app (not web). If the device has a valid license, you should no longer see "Purchase Funamo now" selection at the top. Instead, you will see "Product Licensed" text besides the Funamo logo.

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