Simplest and most reliable way to install fenics from source in Ubuntu 16.10 to run C++ examples

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After trying to install PETSc and SLEPc I messed up my last Ubuntu install and had to re-install it.

Now I have a new version of Ubuntu 16.10 (side question: what Ubuntu version is best supported for fenics?)

My question is the following: is there a step by step guide, document or script (including compatible versions of the different libraries) that allow one to install fenics from source with all of the optional dependencies
to run one of the c++ and python examples?

Is there any up-to-date code that can do what dorsal and Marie Rognes' script do?

Also, are the websites above up-to-date?

I would rather not use docker since I am also using ipopt and pyipopt (for dolfin-adjoint) and other c++ libraries that I need to use with fenics in c++ code which I've been able to install but are also difficult to get working properly. 

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Dorsal days are done; for easy install use docker, etc.

However, you can see exactly how the devs install FEniCS by learning how docker works and looking at their DockerFiles:

At least, that helped me.

The git clone scripts

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