Is there a way to install fenics-shells without using docker image?

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Hi there,

I was trying to install fenics-shells package in my environment fenicsproject (Mac OS 10.9).  But as the following link shows, only one approach was provided:

and that requires the usage of docker. I really do want to avoid that. is there a way we can do it alternatively though?

many thanks!
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The docker image has been compiled with MKL and includes superlu_dist, and all the options you'll ever need with FEniCS.  Learning Docker is a rewarding experience and you may find that it serves you well into the future.
written 10 months ago by pf4d  
I agree with everything said here, except we don't use MKL in the Docker containers as it is not open-source software. However, we do use OpenBLAS which provides excellent performance as well.
written 10 months ago by Jack Hale  
Oh I see, I suppose I just assumed this.
written 10 months ago by pf4d  

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I am one of the developers of fenics-shells.

No, Docker is not the only way;  you should be able to install fenics-shells on any system with FEniCS 2017.1.0 installed. It is a Python package, so the usualpython3 install will work. I will add instructions saying this to now.

Now we are finishing the final documented demos e.g. we are hoping to release a stable pip-installable version over the coming weeks.
Hi Jack,

thank you so much for your reply! I guess the shell packages will only work for python 3? as I am using python 2.7 and I followed your instruction and used "python" instead of "python3". It did not have problem with installation, but when I was trying to import it, it first asked me to install mpi4py and then shows the following error message:

"The module did not compile with command 'make VERBOSE=1', see '/Users/shengmao/miniconda2/envs/fenicsproject/.cache/instant/error/dolfin_9ee3e6c65ec4776a204523664732bb562bd8651c/compile.log' "

written 10 months ago by davison  
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