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It would be cool if we could have multiple scripts. This would allow us to test vs AI1 or vs the current script or vs the script we have locked onto the leaderboard currently. It would also let us write better test scripts... for example, testing it against the Default AI only tests against the specific strats that the Default AI uses (but then again... it seems that the default AI is not static... maybe it's a random script from the leaderboard? But if it is a random leader board script you still can't specifiy which script to go against so you may have to run it dozens of times before getting one that does the thing you want to test against) but in anycase... it would be nice to be able to test against a specific script.
Hey! This is a pretty neat idea, and we kinda thought about implementing it too, but it's kind of outside the scope of our current model. You're right in that it would be better if participants could test it against a custom AI. We'll see what we can do.

The default AI provided is not random, it's a static AI that's the same every time. It might perform differently based on your code's performance though.
written 7 months ago by Venkatraman Srikanth 

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