Restriction to facets in mixed function spaces

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Hallo, I want to run the code in Since I use dolfin 2017.2.0, I have to fix some issues. I know that I have to create a MixedElement first, but how do I include the restriction of the BDM elements to the facets? Below, you find the code which I have to fix. Best regards, Johannes

msh = UnitSquareMesh(10,10)
E   = FunctionSpace(msh,"DG", 3)          
CG  = FunctionSpace(msh,"CG", 2)          
Q   = FunctionSpace(msh,"BDM",1,restriction="facet")
X = MixedFunctionSpace( [E,CG,Q] )​
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this can be done as

msh = UnitSquareMesh(10,10)
E   = FiniteElement("DG", msh.ufl_cell(),3)          
CG  = FiniteElement("CG", msh.ufl_cell(),2)          
Q   = FiniteElement("BDM",msh.ufl_cell(),1)['facet']
X   = FunctionSpace(msh, MixedElement([E,CG,Q]))​
Great, this works. Thanks
written 6 months ago by Johannes  
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