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7 months ago by
Good Morning, So I was thinking it would be cool to have some other game modes. Maybe not all of them linked to a leader board but

Four player FFA: Each AI starts in a corner and all three enemies are considered one enemy. This would be fun to watch.

Random Dmg: add a bit or randomness to the damage output (Randomization in fight so it's not as deterministic)

Random Environment: Randomize some of the constants, +/- 5 towers, +/- some soldiers, +/- tower or soldier reward, etc. (Randomization before fight, )

Allow Time.h : Enable in script randomization... allow for Fuzzier AI

New Unit types: A new unit or two would definitely change up how the AI's need to act. For example, adding 2 or three "shield bearers" which increase health of nearby soldiers would change Soldier AI Drastically. Or a unit that was strong against towers but weak against soldiers.

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