Notebooks keep getting corrupted - 'Bad request'

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Multiple times I have re-opened my notebooks only for the error 'Error loading notebook. Bad Request' to come up. All my previous checkpoints are erased. I have an invalid file that is created when this happens but these are empty.

What should I do to prevent this from happening again?
If you could come by my office I'll learn enough to reproduce the problem, and send off a report to the people at Azure Notebooks. (I've found them to be responsive, and they are following the Cambridge experience.) Email me and we can arrange a time. In the meantime, I suggest (1) follow Tom Benn's advice, (2) start a new library.
written 9 months ago by Dr Damon Wischik  

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It seems a common cause of this issue can be a corrupted notebook signature database - ie, Jupyter isn't able to establish whether the notebook is trusted or not.

A suggestion I've seen is to run these commands from a Jupyter terminal:
cd $(jupyter --data-dir)
mv nbsignatures.db nbsignatures.db.bak
Doing this forces Jupyter to recreate the database, meaning you'll have to manually "trust" all your notebooks again to have rich output to your code - however, your notebook should be openable again.

In terms of how to prevent this from happening - one source says you should close your notebooks before sending your computer to sleep.

I've not tried this myself, so let me know if it works.
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Thanks Tom, unfortunately this didn't work.
:/ - probably follow Dr Wischik's advice then!
written 9 months ago by Tom Benn  
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