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a sign function   $\delta$δ (x)  which is define on all boundary,let us consider an element(triangle) K whose vertices are numbered by global indices( $i_1^K,i^K_2,i^K_3$i1K,iK2,iK3 ) and whose edges are denoted( $F_{_{_{i^K_1i^K_2}}},F_{_{_{i^K_2i^K_3}}^{ }_2^{ }_{ }},F_{_{_{i^K_3i^K_1}}}$FiK1iK2,FiK2iK32,FiK3iK1 ).Here the vertices are follows the counterclockwise direction.Then we define  $\delta\left(x\right)$δ(x)  as follows

        $\delta\left(x\right)$δ(x)=1   if   $i^K_a$iKa$i^K_b$iKb    ,otherwise equal -1
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