Funamo killed the phone

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I was trying to setup funamo safe mode protection. I set up a master password and a user PIN. 


I rebooted the phone after the setup and a new screen asking for a password appears (this screen lasts some seconds). After this screen, a PIN screen appears.


If the PIN is typed the phone does not logs in and shows: "Incorrect PIN entered". I am 100% sure the PIN being typed is the PIN used during the setup.


I want to deactivate the safe mode feature or at least try to verify if the PIN is correct. However, I dont know how to use the master password to get into the phone again. The phone is useless at the moment.


Edit: I checked in and effectively the user password is the one I am trying to type. I need help to get this phone working again.




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If you forgot your master or user pin, you can find them by logging in your online dashboard at The master pin is used between you reboot your device and when Funamo protection is auto restarted. After Funamo protection is auto restarted (You should see Funamo protection is on in the device notification), the user pin is used.

Please note that the master/user pin for safe mode is separate from your normal Funamo login password.

Please see the following answer for details:

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