[XGBoost] Is Anyone Using XGBoost?

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Hi All,

I anyone using XGBoost as a machine learning algorithm?  I am looking for ideas for tuning that may be more efficient than a brute force search through the many parameters.



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Hi Kevin,

I'm planning to use xgboost too, but I'm not quite to that step yet in my project. I'm  still working on feature extraction stuff with my data set.

I have never used it before, but am looking forward to trying it out :)



I should have said, but I'm using the Python version. Hoping to get it going by Monday.

written 14 months ago by Aubrey Sharwarko  
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Hi Kevin.

I haven't settled on a final algorithm choice yet, but I am having a lot of success with GBM's at the moment. However, I did find this resource last semester while reading about XGBoost in R:


Most of the tuning parameters are listed and helpful tips are provided for starting values, things to look out for, etc...

I found it very useful while tuning in R, but the same tuning concepts could be applied to Python as well. 

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the link.  As far as I can tell though the only way to tune it is an exhaustive grid search.



written 14 months ago by Kevin Maher  
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