Can you use Markdown syntax in answering?

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It would be great to have the utility available - I wonder if this could be done?

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Markdown is not currently supported by AllAnswered. We are working on it and it will be available in future releases.

+1 to the working on it part (but -1 to the 8 months ago part).
written 11 months ago by Edward Brey 
Yes, it has been a while. AllAnswered is a general purpose knowledge management platform. WYSIWYG editor is more intuitive for most people. But we also understand that markdown is highly desirable for people in tech/programming/software fields. Our first attempt was to support a subset of markdown within our current editor. But it did not work out. The two simply do not jive together. So we have to scrap that and work on a separate markdown editor. That's why it took so long. Once it is ready, a user can change their default editor in their profile.

We are still actively developing it and we will keep you all posted when it is ready.
written 11 months ago by AllAnswered Support 
+1 Code currently looks awful! It misses code highlighting as well as code scroller. Also, a post length restriction should not include the code.
written 6 months ago by Darko Lukic 
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