How do I make a squiggly line?

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Hi.  I need a suggestion.  I do not know what to do for the tail on my lion.  I want to do a squiggly line, sort of like 2 arcs on top of each other, but I do not know how I would do that.

Here is the link.

(This is Cora.  I am on a different account.)

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Two arcs would work!  Here's an example:  You can change the angles of 0 and 360 to other numbers, to change how curvy it is.

Another way is to use the curve function.  You might not have seen this one, but it works almost exactly like path, except that instead of drawing straight lines, it draws a smooth line through the points you give it.  This gives you a lot more control over the exact shape of the tail.  Here's an example of that:

Hope that helps!

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