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I would like to simulate the piezoelectric actuation of a micro structure. Thus, I would like to define subdomains with different material properties. However, I figured out that mshr does not support subdomains in 3d. Since I am new to FEniCS I am a bit lost how this problem can be solved. Can someone point me into the right direction how to generate a mesh accounting for the subdomains and how to simulate? Is an external mesh generation package like netgen an approach to the problem?
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1. use dolfin-convert to change the format of mesh to .xml. Output of dolfin-convert will give you 2 x additional files. one out of these would contain details of subdomain and the other will have details pertaining to boundary facets

2. To apply different material properties to different subdomain you can consult the latest FEniCS manual chapter on subdomains

you can read this ( post to have an idea of usage of dolfin-convert.
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Hi, you can also find an alternative approach of using Salome to mark boundaries and domains, use netgen to mesh, and convert to FEniCS. Everything is explained in detail in Back Matter of this book:

you can freely download the back matter (see the section: complicated geometries) and learn about this approach.

Best, Emek
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