cbc.block how good is it?

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Hello, all

I am recently trying to solve a steady state Navier-Stokes equation. In order to build a block preconditioner, I found cbc.block( https://bitbucket.org/fenics-apps/cbc.block). However, I tried to start with the examples in the demo, but most of them crashed for some reasons.
So I am wondering if anybody has succeeded using the cbc.block.

Another question is: in the document( https://bitbucket.org/fenics-apps/cbc.block/src/cb4d676d180a/doc/), it said that "It only works in parallel in the rare case where no Dirichlet boundaries are used". But this was published in 2011, and since 7 years passed is it now able to solve problem with DirichletBC in parallel?

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