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Hello everyone,

Please, how can I simulate a complex geometry in FEniCS? What CAD softwares are compatible with it?

Thank you.
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Some of the discussion/resources in these posts might be helpful (although I have not tried these things myself):
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Thank you very much !
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You should check out meshio for a large selection of formats that can easily be converted to dolfin XML format (legacy) or Paraview XDMF format (future). You can probably use any mesh generator that you want, most can export to some format that is supported by meshio. Note that you must have only one type of cell in the mesh, do not mix tetrahedra and hex-cubes etc.

Not all mesh file formats support marking parts of the boundary and have that convert flawlessly to dolfin FacetFunctions for boundary conditions. That can be a bit fiddly with complex domains if you cannot easily select boundaries based on only facet coordinates
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Thank you for your help!
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