Cannot import and plot a ".xml" file

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File attached: parallel_plate.xml (68.29 KB)
File attached: hollow_factor3.xml (11.41 KB)

Hi, all,

I just want to read in a *.xml file and plot it in the python interface using the following codes:

#import the required modules
from dolfin import *
#load the mesh
mesh = Mesh("parallel_plate.xml")
#mesh = Mesh("hollow_factor3.xml") 


The xml file is converted from a *.msh file (generated by Gmsh). Note that the "dolfin-convert" command gives me three xml files successfully. However, the codes above gives me the following error:

*** -------------------------------------------------------------------------
*** Error: Unable to read data from XML file.
*** Reason: Unable to open file "parallel_plate.xml".
*** Where: This error was encountered inside XMLFile.cpp.
*** Process: 0
*** DOLFIN version: 2017.2.0
*** Git changeset: unknown

Can anybody kindly give some hints where could be the problem?

Here I also attach two *.xml files I used.

Thanks in advance.

Jianan Zhang
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1 Answer

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If your xml mesh is in correct format and if you  just want to see the plot of you mesh through any possible means...
you can try ...

from dolfin import *

mesh = Mesh("xyz.xml")
file = File("abc.pvd")
file << mesh

The mesh could then be opened in paraview as a pvd file. You can easily download and install paraview.
Hi, Ovais,

My problem has been solved just now. Thanks for the help.

written 4 months ago by Jianan Zhang  
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