CC3D Player Crashes on Mac after Update

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I recently tried updating to 3.7.7 on my Mac, and everytime I try to run certain Demo simulations in the CC3D player, it crashes. I deleted all of my old CC3D files on my computer, as well as the updated version, and tried re-installing with still no luck. The demo simulations that keep crashing the player are the ones involving diffusion (diffusion_steady_state_2D, SimpleDiffusion, etc.). When the player crashes, I get an error window from Mac saying "python quit unexpectedly."

Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions or solutions?

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I can confirm that both CC3D 3.7.7 and 3.7.6 crashes on a Mac when running

I tried the same demo on a PC (Windows 7) and it also crashes with the error message;

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Do those simulations involve by any chance hex lattice? If so there is a visualization bug in the player (already fixed in the source code on github) that was causing the problem. I have just tried diffusion_stead_state_2D.cc3d on OSX High Sierra and it works. If you could send me exact name of the demo you are running and the versio nof your OSX I can start debugging it more.
They do not involve hex lattice. I can confirm that diffusion_steady_state works for me. So far, the demos I've tried that cause the crash are:


Others, like diffusion_2D and diffusion_2D_kernel, do not crash the program, but do not render at all in the player.
Obviously this list is not exhaustive as I haven't tried to run every demo. I hav macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. Thank you!
written 3 months ago by Izzy 
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