Funamo Parental Contral disapeared from Playstore ?

8 weeks ago by
Dan F  

i'm setting up  new for my son ans bad surprise: Funamo Parental control is not avaliable in playstore. Only Funamo accountability is avaliable.

When will it be back in playstore ?

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I'm curious as to why Funamo has failed to respond to this question. It's a very important question that needs their attention. I also have this issue, and it worries me that they're not taking it seriously. It's encouraging me to look for an alternative app for my device. And that sucks because Funamo is a really good app. I've been using it for years now. But the lack of urgency in this matter concerns me. Has anyone gotten any feedback or a response that makes sense?
written 9 days ago by Given Masilela  

3 Answers

7 weeks ago by
Same question here. I have purchased six licenses for different devices over the past few years. I'm already over the learning curve and I find the Parental Control App very useful. Why is it gone from Playstore?
7 weeks ago by
Ditto. I need to reinstall on a phone that was factory reset.  I've been looking since the weekend.  Am I missing a notice somewhere?  To do this without informing customers is a really bad sign.
20 days ago by
We are looking for this app again also.  no luck on the App store.
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