How do you back up your important files?

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I use a program called SyncToy that mirrors my home folder to my H drive while I am at lunch every day.  Does anyone use a different program or method to backup their data?  I want to encourage my team to start backing up their important files in case their computer dies, but it will need to be simple and free for them to do.
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The Helpdesk installed Druva inSync on my PC. No idea what the cost is though.
How has your experience with it been?  Have you tried to access any backed up files?
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There is no cost for Druva.  I am going to try it out to see how easy it is to use.
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I purchased a WD external drive, which has excellent backup software.  The true test of an effective backup, in my opinion, is the recovery process when you need to bring something back, and I have been very pleased with how easy it is to recover a file or files that were deleted or changed using WD backup.  I have it plugged into my docking station, and it runs every day at noon (assuming I'm docked).

Windows 10 has built-in backup software also, and it's possible it predates Windows 10.  I've never used it, much less tried to recover files using it.

Both of these let you target certain folders so you don't waste time and effort backing up OS files that are easily reinstalled.

Of course there are numerous paid cloud services, like Carbonite, but I suspect you cannot use those for your company PC, and it wouldn't make sense since IT provides Druva for this purpose.

I really like the hardware option because when the CIA eventually comes for me, and we all know they will, I can just grab the external device and run -- an option not available with cloud based services.
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