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I understand the learning curve can be steep for FEniCS and since I am really looking forward to using it, but my FEM knowledge is somewhat limited, where should I look for a (paid) help in setting up a few cases for my PhD? Then I could focus on the physics more in a more timely manner.

Thanks a lot!

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If you'd like some help setting up a simulation using FEniCS, I'd be happy to help - this will help me learn FEniCS better too - please email me some details of the kind of problems you're working on, and we can set up a bitbucket repo 
written 7 months ago by Sophia Wright  
neverwoke@gmail.com @Sophia Wright, throw me an email!
written 7 months ago by bnase  
Let me get this right: you want to pay someone to work on your PhD for you?
written 7 months ago by pf4d  

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Of course not, I want some tutoring in setting up complex FEniCS cases!
In that case, there is no need to pay, just teach yourself

written 7 months ago by pf4d  
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