And finally, the results.

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We saw some really big numbers towards the end of the game, and our systems could handle numbers of only upto a certain size, as a result of which some net worth's warped back to 0.

We recalculated the net worth's by going through all the transactions (which did not have very large numbers), and here are the correct numbers:

Rank Player Name Cash Stock Worth Net worth
1 Ravi Shankar Podugu ₹ 1,98,97,806 ₹ 2,58,01,34,762 ₹ 2,60,00,32,568
2 Ravi Chunduru ₹ 12,95,84,811 ₹ 2,16,09,97,300 ₹ 2,29,05,82,111
3 asfa ₹ 94,91,88,368 ₹ 1,14,20,53,393 ₹ 2,09,12,41,761

Hearty Congratulations to the winners!
As happened last year, the winning position got decided right towards the end of the game.

Special congratulations to Ravi Shanker Podugu who missed the first position previous year, and bagged it this year right on the last day!

Thank you everyone for participating. This year's platform had a lot of major improvements from the previous years' platforms - we had an awesome app, had market depth and stoploss orders, completely new UI, many story elements and bots. Next year we promise to improve this event even further by fine tuning a lot of existing aspects, and fixing few UI glitches, and better regulation policies.
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