Save source file on remore Raspberry debugging

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I have set up a remote Raspberry debugging via a tunneled SSH and it works.

Before launching debugging on the Raspberry, I have FTP'd the source file from the Raspberry to a given location on my Mac and I have set up the correct location map on WingPersonal.

However I have not understood how to save the source code on the Raspberry when I have modified the source code shown on WindgPersonal, i.e. the source code saved on the Mac.

Can anyone please help?


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With Wing Personal you need to set up a file sharing system of some type so the same files are available on the Raspberry Pi and the machine where Wing is running.  This can be as simple as rsync or sftping them over each time you're ready to debug, or something like samba for real file sharing.

Wing Pro has more advanced remove development support that takes care of this automatically.
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