Uninstalling apps with Google Store disallowed

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I chose to disallow the Play store, but now Amazon apps are also blocked from installing, as well as all uninstalling.  This is a much broader action than I intended.  I want to allow apps to uninstall, and if possible, allow Amazon too.

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If you want the user to install and uninstall app freely, why would you want to disallow the app store?

written 2.1 years ago by Funamo Support  

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I have installed a number of apps and games, almost to the limit of my device.  I have now blocked the Play store because it allows the downloading of apps which are not blocked by Funamo but allow web browsing.

Amazon app store is different, as it does not have apps for web browsing.

I do not want to install and uninstall apps freely.  I want to manage my device with minimum need for turning off Funamo, updating, deleting unused apps etc.  I see no need to prevent apps being uninstalled.

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