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Hi all,
I'm Valerio and I'm using FEniCS  fenics/2016.1.0 in C++. I have a problem with the manipulation of an object of the class Matrix. In my main I have on object defined:
Matrix vss_fenics;​
How can I set the values and the dimensions of the Matrix vss_fenics? 
Thank you in advance for your help 
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Just a few hints. Hope this will get you started.
To initialze the dimensions and the sparsity pattern of a Matrix object, use the TensorLayout class (to see how this is used, consult the AssemblerBase class). In fact, if your matrix has a layout similar to a known Form, let FEniCS do the work and use the AssemblerBase::init_global_tensor() method.

To set the values in a matrix, use Matrix::set_local(). Don't forget to finalize the manual assemblage of your Matrix object using Matrix::apply("insert") or Matrix::apply("add")
I tried to use Matrix::setrow becouse I don't understant what it is dolfin::la_index. My test code was: 
Matrix A;
	std::vector<double> values1(3);
	std::vector<double> values2(3);
	std::vector<std::size_t> columns(3);

but I had a segmentation fault. My aim is to copy an Eigen::Matrix in a dolfin::Matrix. Likely the segmentation fault is due to the fact that the size of the Matrix A isn't set. How do I have to correct the test code? thank you for your help

written 8 months ago by Valerio  
Indeed, the segfault is because size and layout of your matrix are not initialized. What info do you have a priori about the Matrix? Is it somehow related to a certain Form?

By the way, dolfin::la_index is just an index type being compatible with the linear algebra backend. 
written 8 months ago by Jakob Maljaars  
The info that I know about the Matrix is that it is double and it isn't related to a certain Form. The dolfin::Matrix in fact have to store the values of an Eigen::Matrix of double, with Dynamic rows and Dynamic columns
written 8 months ago by Valerio  
Then I think the only option is to study the TensorLayout class to initialize your matrix properly. Although you might have a look at this post on the old forum.

By the way, if your Matrix is not related to a certain Form why can't you use Eigen as the backend to do the matrix manipulation and why do you really want to cast it into a dolfin::Matrix?
written 8 months ago by Jakob Maljaars  
In my code I have
Matrix A;
Vector f;
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<const DirichletBC>> dirichlet_matrici({dirichlet}); 
solve(A, *(u.vector()), f);​

and the line 

solve(A, *(u.vector()), f);

resolves the linear system

I don't want to resolve that system, but I want to resolve the system
 $A_ru_r=f_r$Arur=ƒ r 

 $A_r=Y^TAY$Ar=YTAY   $f_r=Y^Tf$ƒ r=YTƒ  
The problem is that A is a dolfin::Matrix, f is a dolfin::Vector but Y is a Eigen::Matrix. Then I need to convert or all in dolfin::Matrix (as i tried to do) or all in Eigen::Matrix (I don't know how, i searched and i didn't find anything)

written 8 months ago by Valerio  
Clear. So in which FunctionSpace does $u_r$ur live?
written 8 months ago by Jakob Maljaars  
My idea was to calculate  $u_r$ur just as a simple vector, then calculate the new vector 
and then convert the vector  $u_2$u2 in a function of the same space of  $u$u of the system
solve(A, *(u.vector()), f);​
written 8 months ago by Valerio  
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