SystemError: error return without exception set

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I am attempting to use Python with MSC Marc. As I am using "py_send" to open a model file on Marc, I get an error saying "SystemError: error return without exception set". The bottom of the screen reads "General: Document Open Failed:: Failed to open document 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Wing IDE 101 6.0\bin\x-wingide-python-shell:\97113032\2". I am unsure what it all means; I also checked my files and I do not seem to have the specified file location displayed at the bottom of the screen. I do have the py_mentat module imported and thus I do not think it is a module issue.
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This exception indicates there's a problem in a C extension module.  Do you get it when you run code outside of Wing?
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I tried to run the code through Window Command Prompt but it is unable to recognize the file path location of the py_mentat module, even though I tried to copy the module files to the same file location as the .py file. Thus I run into this problem and the code stops before I can look into this system error problem. I was able to fix this on Wing by specifying the file path.
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Do you need to specify a PYTHONPATH when running via the Windows Command Prompt?  How do you specify the file path within Wing?
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I specified the file path within Wing by Edit > Configure Python... and specifying the absolute path location of py_mentat.pyd through "Python Path". I have been looking into setting the PYTHONPATH in environment variables but to no success.
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Try set PYTHONPATH=c:\full\path\name in the Windows Command Prompt window before you run python.
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I tried this already but to no success. I was able to bypass this problem by copying and pasting the .py code file to the exact same location as the module file. I am now getting the same error as I am getting in Wing, which is "SystemError: error return without exception set".
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This exception occurs when there is a bug in a C extension module.  Since this exception occurs outside of Wing, it is probably not related to Wing.  I recommend that you contact the author of the C extension module with a reproducible test case that does not involve Wing and ask them to fix it.
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