What happened to the Funamo Accountability app? Want to download it and it seems to have dissapeared.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. We are having some issues with Google listing for Funamo Accountability and we are working with Google to resolve it. In the mean time, please send us a private message and we can email the app to you.

Here is the download link.



written 23 months ago by Funamo Support  

It has been 8 weeks now. Any updates on this issue? I am planning on buying a new phone soon. Will I be able to purchase Funamo Accountability for this device?

written 22 months ago by TwoDrummers  

Google has been really slow responding. The app dowloaded from the link is exactly the same app that you would download from Play Store. So it works exactly the same. If you have any issue with purchasing the license, you can always purchase it online at



written 22 months ago by Funamo Support  

Hi there, still can't see the accountability app on the app store AND I can't get the app to download from the link above! Please can you advise? Thank you.

written 17 months ago by Amy  

You can still download it from here. Same link as above. http://downloads.funamo.com/latest/funamoAccountability.apk


written 17 months ago by Funamo Support  
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