Live Chat Facts that you Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Did you know that live chat software on a monthly basis tracks the virtual activity of over 63 million customers? That’s right; the figure exceeds the population of France. There are 30 fun facts about live chat software that you should know so that you are able to make a clear decision of why Live Chat services will be a great addition to your own website:

Websites from more than 50 countries employ the use of live chat software and more than 80% of them are US-based.

You can add the live chat software or tool on as many WebPages as you want and like and each one of those tools has their own exclusive designs.

Personalization of live chat by an average user only takes up to 1 to 5 minutes.

Automatic live chat invitations can be triggered by the referrer, keyword and much more.

When the clients log in to live chat via Facebook then the operators are able to see the pictures of the users and even their profiles.

The managers employ the use of live chat to be able to administer the ongoing chats and amplify the quality of customer support service.

An operator can log in to the live chat system via PC, mobiles, and laptops all at the same or different time.

The users of the @Freshbooks can invoice their issues directly into the live chat window.

There are three default levels of accessibility to live chat; those are an operator, manager, and administrator.

Integration of live chat with reputable service allows creating tickets from the live chat window directly.

With applications for Android, iPhone, and WP7, live chat covers more than 95% of the whole market.

Trained Live Chat Agents can see the sentence typed in by the visitors and customers before it has been sent by them.

Triggers will invite the people to live chat with the representatives of your website as they click through your current newsletter.

To immediately contact businesses, you can use the link to live chat in their e-mail signatures.

For all the websites, who are not comfortable with the idea of adding extra software to your website then there is the option of web-based live chat app.

Live chat chatting option is available in more than twenty languages.

Popular and recognized CRMs amongst the live chat users include @SugarCRM.

For remote desktop, live chat provides integration with @JoinMe and much more.

All chats with the clients in live chat are safeguarded with a 256-bit SSL connection.

Live chat for Mac is the reason for switching over to OSX.

The best and qualified live chat operators reply to the customers under the matter of three seconds along with tag-based canned messages.

Even though live chat provides a lot of reports, Google Analytics is the by far the second most popular plug-in.

Some of the live chat operators efficiently handle as much as seven concurrent chat sessions.

The employees that hate filling fields in the CRM apps can relax because live chat will do that for them.

Whenever you chat by using the mobile device then the mobile icon will appear in the live chat window.

The live chat plans are extremely functional and they only differ by the number of seats, not by the number of features.

The live chat agents can track the visitors and the customers on the site.
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