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Is there a way to enable behavior similar to PyCharms Code Inspection?  I ask because in PyCharm a line similar to:

test_random_str += ''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_letters) for i in range (10)) 

results in an 'Unused local'; however, the latest WingIDE does not report such an error

Also, PyCharm reports several PEP 8 naming convention violations while WingIDE does not.

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Right now checking for errors like this is done with the Pylint tool from the Tools menu (requires separate installation of pylint and then configuring by right-clicking on the PyLint tool in Wing) or the pyflakes8 add-on at https://github.com/grahamu/flake8panel

We're working on changing that so unused variable, undefined variable, etc will be indicated directly on the editor.
Thank you so much for both the quick response and the information I needed.  I will not only work on installing the tools you mentioned but will also await the release of those changes.

-- Michael --
written 12 months ago by Michael Messuri  
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