The Funamo Parent Control Apps on Andorid automatically stop

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Any one experience the same?

I only allow my kid to use Funamo browser, however they always complain it can't reach the web page.  I have put the into blacklist but not the

Each time have the issues, i login to the Funamo apps and click box of Funamo begin unclick. 

Anyone have the same issues?

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3 Answers

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HI Support,

It is not my only problem. i have search for the feeds that many people complain related to can't connect to proxy which is the same problem of mime. 

Also i find that when everytime i reboot the phone, the Funamo is not automatically turn on.

Please provide some update with the issues.

21 months ago by

It might be a device specific issue. Please send us a private email with your account info, device model and Android version.

21 months ago by

How can i send you a private email? What is your email address?

You can send us a private email on Funamo community page or send email to

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support  
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