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My phone needs to be cleared of all apps and restarted, and it will get rid of the Funamo app in the process. I currently have a Funamo license, will I be able to keep it? Just so I don't need to pay the $20 fee again once I re-download the app.


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I am not the expert so please double check this but you should not have to re-pay.

I has a similar experience with a tablet.  I had to go into the Funamo App and uninstall it from there first.  It was then un-registered when I logged into the Funamo site.  I then re-loaded the App onto the tablet and registered it with my existing lenience.


Hope that helps.

Michael is right. You can re-install Funamo and set it up using the same Funamo account. Funamo automatically retrieves the license during setup. After the setup is done, you can double check by going to Funamo main page in Funamo app (not web) and you should no longer see "Purchase Funamo now" selection at the top. Instead, you will see "Product Licensed" text besides the Funamo logo.

written 23 months ago by Funamo Support 
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