(Deleted) Why is my problem not being addressed by Funamo???

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I have been having trouble for months! PARENTS BEWARE! The funamo browser has not been logging any of the browser history so that I can view it when I log into the website and sync. When I get on my son's phone and look at the history tab under the browser, there are dozens of websites listed that he clicked on, including ones I have blacklisted (Instagram.com). Also, funamo browser is using the google browser on my son's droid, despite my having blocked the google browser. I have emailed funamo repeatedly about this, (even sending pictures of the problem), so I've had to block the funamo browser and my son cannot access any web on his phone, which is not fair to him!!! Help!!!!!

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The answer to your question is simple: because Funamo development is dead. If you look at the bottom of Funamo website, you'll see something like "(C) 2015..." - this is when the development ended. Right now someone is trying to still reap the fruit of past work, but with the progress of Android system and other apps, Funamo is now too far behind to be useful.

Honestly, if you purchased your license recently, do all you can to get your money back. You can then either spend a ton of money on other (equally questionable) apps, or just go back to good-old-plain physical control of device time. My kids are allowed to use tablets when I watch them, and for a limited time - then I just take away their devices. 

Also, expect this tread to be deleted soon. Funamo does nothing to fix their app, but they do protect their business, and they will remove these comments.

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I understand your pain. I have seen so many complaints and my one never was answered from about 8 months ago.  My recommendation is to get rid of it.  It used to work great until they changed the way the functionality works.  I use netsanity (www.netsaniy.net) for my son's phone.  It works well from my perspective.  There is also another product from Netnanny.   Hope this helps.  I don't believe you will get any response from this site.

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