Funamo app on tablet is not working with WLAN extenders

12 months ago by

recently I have posted a request saying Funamo app is working with G4 internet connection but not with WLAN connection. Now I can even precise this request.

I found out the Funamo app is working in the WLAN infrastructure which is set up by our router which is located in the basement. We have WLAN extenders in the first and second floor creating a DLAN infrastructure. Through this infrastructure the tablet with the Funamo app is connected wireless to the internet. This connection is 100% assured we can open several URLs and also the other apps are working properly. However the Funamo app is not working in this condition. It just works in the WLAN infrastructure provided by the router, but this infrastructure is only available in the basement.

Can somebody help us with this problem. As mentioned the tablet has for sure internet connection but Funamo app is not working.

Thanks for your feebdack.
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