How to create a cell sheet consisting of hexagonal cells?

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Dear all,
I am trying to create a hexagonal cell sheet, as shown below. Each cell is hexagonal and made up of hexagonal pixels. What should I do?
Many thanks.

cell sheet:

each cell:

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I've created an extended example of hexagonal cells on a hexagonal lattice.
Here is a zip file of the CC3D code -- File attached: (7.91 KB)
This uses the blob initializer, which doesn't know about the hex lattice so it will take 10K or more MCS to get the cells to relax into hexagons.

Note that if you want the cells to move then they can not always be perfect hexagons. If you want perfect hexagons then the cells will have to be frozen and wont be able to move.

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You can specify that CC3D should use a hexagonal lattice with;
in the Potts section of the project's XML file.

Also, take a look at the hexagonal lattice demo in;

Finally, for the mathematical details of a hexagonal lattice see;
What should I do if I want to make each cell hexagonal using hexagonal lattice? As shown in the second picture.
written 6 months ago by Yuan 
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