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I am new to using Fenics in Docker but I a making the transition.  The problem that I am having now is how to run a jupyter notebook.  What I have tried is the following:

1) I do what is suggested in the documentation:

docker run --name notebook -w /home/fenics -v $(pwd):/home/fenics/shared -d -p 'jupyter-notebook --ip='

2) I type this address into my browser (chrome or firefox)

3) I copy in the token that I received in part 1 and it says invalid password.

I am sorry for not figuring this out but I have tried a variety of things and not having much luck. Any suggestions of things to try would be greatly appreciated.
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I found another cite that looks like it could be helpful.

Useful link

When I followed the instructions to pull and then run docker, that worked out okay and then told me exactly what I needed to do to view the notebook


Unfortunately, when I tried doing something similar with fenics<mytoken>​

This did not work either.  I just wanted to share what I think should work but also doesn't.  
written 9 months ago by Francis Poulin  
I tried something else that *should* work.

fenicsproject notebook my-project1
fenicsproject start my-project1

This was kind enough to spit out something I should paste in my browser to view the notebook.<mytoken>

When I did this it still asked me for a token, which I have not set.

Any ideas as to what I might try would be greatly appreciated.
written 9 months ago by Francis Poulin  

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I have added better instructions here:

Key thing is to find out the access token. The access token is a unique string for each instantiation of the Jupyter notebook.
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Thank you!  I am happy to say that works beautifully.

I am also very happy that you updated the documentation.  That will make it easier for other novices like myself to figure this out.
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