Enabled Protect Safe Mode on Samsung Tablet.Added master pin & user password. Unchecked Protect Safe Mode.Started Funamo on device.Turned device off. Turned on.Not accepting either code& am locked out

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When tablet boots up there is a blinking cursor asking for a password. I enter the master pin number. "Wrong password" I try user password. "Wrong password" I try original default funamo1234. "Wrong password" How do I get to the screen to enter my master pin number or do you have any other helpful suggestions?
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Is anyone from Funamo Support going to respond to my issue? I need a new password pushed to my device and some idea as to why enabling Safe Mode would cause this illusive password to be needed. The belief that Safe Mode will protect my child from disabling funamo during the boot up period is a good idea, but funamo app is requiring this new password indefinitely...not just for the first 5 minutes of booting time. Not having chosen to implement Safe Mode (leaving the box unchecked) should have left the device without a password requirement. Extremely frustrating not to be able to access my device to attempt recalculations. Help please!
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If you did not check Protect Safe Mode option, Funamo would not change the lock screen password when you reboot the device. So it should be whatever lock screen password you had before.

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Negative. We used a pattern. Funamo not allowing the tablet to bring up the pattern password dots to draw line. Only this one-line space asking for a password, which I did NOT activate. Is it possible for you to check my Safe Mode box for me? When I log in to my Funamo Account, this area is greyed out and I'm told I can only access thru my device. This particular  tablet is listed as Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - Joe. Perhaps if the box were checked, the pin and password I chose would work?

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