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I can change time slots in my online Funamo account (this is very convenient and Goggle calendar style), and press synchronize after that. BUT! As soon as I switch to another tab (Web, Apps or Settings) and then go back to Time-tab - all old time slots are there and my changes was not saved. Why? (is it a program bug) or What do I do wrong? (Probably some settings on the tablet where Funamo is installed)

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The thing is that I one needs to set the time slots in web. If they are set on the device, then I can change them on the device only. So this is a suggestion to the developers to fix it. Thank you  

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Are you using an old version of Funamo? If so, please update it to the latest version. There was a bug related to time sync but it was fixed some time back.

Thank you for your response. I have tried to check my version of Funamo. My kids showed me that this version is different for different games! So I am confused. I have installed Funamo from Google Play Marked and expect it to be the latest version. Is it not true? How exactly should I update Funamo? (There is a big green button (UPDATE)?) - I checked the Funamo menu on the Tablet - potentially I didn't note it? Thank you.

written 9 months ago by Sergey Belyaev  
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