I have not been able to sync my daughter's phone for the last 3 days? App is running, changes pushed to her device, but still won't sync? She Is not able to use her phone because of this!

20 months ago by

The day last syncnd shown on her phone is 3 days ago even though the app is responding by pushing changes to her phone but nothing changes? Her phone isn't completely usable without these changes,  need some technical help Not real happy with an app that I paid for but not able to contact anybody for technical support. Bill

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It is hard to tell from the information you provided. Not sure what you meant by the app is responding. If the device receives a push request, then the sync should happen. Please send us a private email or contact our support directly at support@funamo.com with your account information (email used for Funamo account) and we can help you check the device.

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