After I installed Funamo on the phone the phone wouldn't allow phone calls to be made or unable to send or receive texts. everything is blocked. Please help

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By default, Funamo does not block any app. Please open Funamo app, and login. Click Stop Funamo to turn off Funamo protection. Then double check your application control settings to see if you add apps to protected app, time-limited app or application time allowance list.

Same problem. When the time daily allowance is run out everything is blocked, all application no matter if they are selected or not in the list of app with time limit. Even phone calls. Can you pls advice?
written 18 months ago by Lidia Stan 

That's not supposed to happen. Only the apps you selected for daily allowance should be blocked. Did you enable other app control such as time-limited apps and device control? If you still have this issue, please send us a private email or email with your account information (email you used for Funamo account). We can help you check your settings.

written 18 months ago by Funamo Support 
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