Remote session will not start as it is locked

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I have been using WingIDE6 remotely with a Raspberry Pi very successfully for a few days now. I had a problem and had to kill WingIDE whilst debugging. Now, when I start-up the project I get a message that says the another project is still in use and the project is locked.

I tried the various options offered but nothing seems to work. I looked in various locations for something resembling lock flags but nothing obvious was found.

Can anyone tell me the way to sort this problem out?


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Actually it would be useful to know if the project is stored on the Raspberry Pi or on the machine where Wing is running.  If the former, there may be some cleanup we could add if Wing is forced to quit in a way that doesn't shut down the remote agent cleanly.

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The project-locked dialog should have a button to override the lock.  If there really isn't another copy of Wing that has the project open, that should solve it.  It should actually check if the process still exists and ignore the lock if not, so you may have a hung/hidden process.

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