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I have been dependent completely on demo examples to get things working. I would like to however, be in a position to read the documentation and understand for myself what the inputs ought to be etc. Take for example:

V = VectorElement('P', mesh.ufl_cell(), 2)
V = VectorElement('P', triangle, 2, dim = 2)

Both of these work, I picked them up from different demos. But where can I look in the documentation to see  the various constructors of Finite Element or VectorElement  ?  More to the point, if I didn't have the demo, where shall I find info to come up with it on my own ?
When I looked, I could see only the class methods defined for FiniteElement, not the constructors.  I would be grateful for a bit of hand-holding  to show me where to look for these things.
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The more time I spend with this, the more I find myself simply going to BitBucket and reading the source for the exact version I'm using. After about five months, I'm still mostly stumbling around. 

Is there currently anyone championing sustainable documentation? So far I am very impressed with FEniCS as a technology, and I imagine that its losing lots of potential impact. 
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I find that the best way to find these things is with the readthedocs pages.

Unfortunately, these docs are currently being built, so some things you have to look up in the 'old docs' area.

Typically, a Google search will find the thing you need at the right page; for example, you can find the VectorElement info in the pdf readthedoc for FFC.  Oddly enough, I did not find any VectorElement stuff in the readthe doc html, which should correspond exactly with the pdf...

One day, I hope that the code will have unified documentation; I agree that it is currently quite fragmented and incomplete, and has been for some time.
Where is this pdf version of readthedocs that you mention ? I went into  the python folder for the 2016 version but I could not find it. Would you mind sharing the link ?
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