History of Automatic Differentiation based languages

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History of Automatic Differentiation based software languages was provided by the following conference papers.  The languages include FortranCalculus™ (Windows/DOS PCs), PROSE (Time-sharing CDC 6600s) and Slang.  Funding started by a NASA's contract with TRW in the 1960s.

      1991 The paper on Synthetic Calculus was the original draft of the one published in the SIAM Breckenridge proceedings in 1991.  Submitted to A. Griewank in summer of 1990

      1984, The Structure of Synthetic Calculus written at The Aerospace Corporation in 1983 along with the Metacybernetics paper (not published)

      1982 The Evolution of Synthetic Calculus published in 1982 from the Conference on High-Level-Language Computer Architecture in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

      1972 NASA & The Apollo working papers published about 1972, by (author) John Hooper.

      1969 The SLANG paper published at the ACM National Conference in San Francisco, 1969.

      1969 (looking for) a TRW paper by J.D. McCully called Q (CUE) Approach to Problem Solving, published at the Fall Joint Computer conference in 1969.

      1965 LEM Ascent Propulsion this planning paper was submitted to Apollo management in September 1965

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