Calculating force onto nodes

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I want to calculate the force onto the nodes on a hyperelastic solid in C++. How can I do that? I have been browsing the FEniCS book, got familiarised with the hyperelastic example, tried to understand the code generation that results as parsing a ufl file... but still don't know how to do it. Is there any documentation around that I can read?

I don't fear programming, but I am afraid of hacking blindly, specially in terms of code maintenance.

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Compute the virtual internal work. Given Pi = psi*dx it is F = derivative(Pi, u, v) . Are you sure you've understood the hyperelastic example?
written 4 months ago by Marco Morandini  
Thanks for that, Marco. I did certainly not get the full potential of FEniCS.
written 3 months ago by Albert Solernou  
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