Some problem with Steppable ‘’FlexibleDiffusionSolverFE‘’ in xml

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In the model  Steppable ‘’FlexibleDiffusionSolverFE‘’ has been added in XML file. But when I run the model, "Exception in C++ code: Stepper'FlexibleDiffusionSolverFE' not found!" this line of words appeared. This situation has never happened before. Hope to be answered,thanks!
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What version of CC3D are you using? I just tried it with 3.7.7 and it seems to work correctly.
Version is 3.7.5. In the previous model I used this steppable several times and never had this problem. This time I don't know why.
written 19 days ago by dali Zan  
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Try commenting out all the xml for the FlexibleDiffusionSolverFE and see what happens, maybe it is just bad nesting of xml.

If I purposely misspell the plugin's name I get the error window shown below. Is that the exact same error you get (except for the Plugin name)?

I used an undefined cell type in Uptake Type, that is the cause of this problem. I thought it may caused by function import error in the first time :)thanks for your help anyway.
written 18 days ago by dali Zan  
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Also you shold stop using FlexibleDiffusionSolver use DiffusionSolverFE - much better and way faster
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