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I'm interested in a non-commercial license. I'm not certain that I understand the difference between the Perpetual Licenses vs Annual Licenses. I want to be clear on the matter.

Would a Perpetual Licenses at $95 then $39/year be equivalent to an Annual License at $69/year.

If I understand that correctly then it seems like after only two years, the Perpetual License would become a much better deal.

Or, alternatively, is it the case that with the Perpetual License, even with the $39/year for upgrades and support, I will have to pay for the major upgrades.

Thank you.
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Yes, it's cheaper in the longer term to go with Perpetual and plan to keep renewing Support+Upgrades, and you do get major upgrades for free if you do that.  You also get all upgrades with Annual licenses but of course that license type expires and stops working entirely if you don't renew them, while Perpetual keeps working with the licensed major release forever, even after Support+Upgrades expires.
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