How to project solution from a fine mesh to a coarse mesh

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hi there ,

I am solving a coupled PDE system where one PDE is solved on fine mesh where as the out put of the first PDE is used for solving the next PDE on a coarse mesh.

I wanted to ask, if it is possible to project the solution of fine mesh to coarse mesh using FEniCS ?

If possible a small example or code snippet /any related post would really help

Best regards.
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1 Answer

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You'll probably want to review this discussion:
hmmm.. what do u say about this post ?
written 4 months ago by Ovais  
The link in my answer, and the link you share here, both show that indeed you can do this projection with FEniCS. It just won't necessarily be accurate, according to my link, and won't work in parallel, according to your link.
written 4 months ago by Alexander G. Zimmerman  
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