How do I find a lost program?

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Is there a way to get back a project that got deleted I was working on my lion code during class and I just logged on and looked at it and all it said was main = so I really want to know if there is a way to get it back.


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Yes, we can definitely find it for you.

The first thing to try is: open your project, and press Ctrl-Z a few times.  Ctrl-Z is the key to undo recent changes.  If you accidentally erased most of the program, this might bring it back.  You might need to press Ctrl-Z several times before you get it back.

If that doesn't work, let me know a few variable names that you have used, that probably aren't in other people's programs.  I can search for it and find it for you.

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I did try Ctrl-z and it did not work and a variable that I used is loin or tailFuf those are the only 2 I can think of that are probably not in other programs.

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