Can't install on kindle fire hd

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I had installed funamo parental control on a kindle fire hd a few months ago. The client also had qustodio  installed and after he uninstalled it since he wasn't using it, funamo stopped blocking anything. I had him uninstall and reinstall. He hits install in ES File explorer and then it brings up Cancel or Install. He clicks Install and nothing happens.

What's going on?

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In general, we do not recommend that users mix different parental control solutions because they may conflict with each other.

Based on what you described, I believe Funamo was not completely removed from the device. Please make sure that Funamo is completely removed before reinstalling it. 

written 3 months ago by Funamo Support  
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qustodio was uninstalled. We want funamo to stay on. How do I make sure funamo is completely removed?

written 3 months ago by Doug Kuhns  
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