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Since updating to Android nougat, funamo no longer changes the user password upon bootup when using safe mode protection. Is there a setting I need to update? Is there a fix coming?

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Android N removed the capability to change password. We are still evaluating alternative ways to protect safe mode. If you are using protect safe mode feature, please do not update to Android N yet.

Funamo Support,  Please fix this issue ASAP.  For users who have already upgraded this change is a major failure of the filter.  It basically renders the filter useless.

written 16 months ago by Laura Dunkerton  
Funamo Support is there a solution to fix protect Safe Mode?
written 13 months ago by Ben  
I'm having the same problem.  It makes Funamo completely useless because all you have to do to bypass all Funamo protection is go into safe mode.  Please is there any way to fix this? If not what is the point?
written 12 months ago by Rob  
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