(Closed) TouchWiz-Start blocked on Samsung S4 mini - SOLVED

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I just purchased a license for my daughters phone. During the trial period everything worked just fine. After the permanent license clicked in I repeatedly get the Funamo login page for TouchWiz-Start. After unlocking the screen and after a few seconds on the home screen, when not running a different app. The login page also comes up when I return to the home screen and try to start any other app from there (TouchWiz-Start named as app). When I try to start an app from the list of installed apps I get the login page too but then it prints the app name. There are some apps I want to always block and one app that has a daily time allowance. The apps I tried to start are not listed in either category.

So basically buying the license made the phone unusable.

SOLVED: reading other posts I found "Force GPS activation" to be the culprit as GPS was currently disabled.

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